The ICC World Cup Twenty20 Betting at a Glance

The ICC World Twenty20 is a biannual international cricket tournament. The contest has currently 16 teams from all over the world who are all a part of the International Cricket Council.  Ten of those teams are full members of the ICC and the other six are affiliate or associate members. The ICC World Twenty20 is still a relatively young tournament.

The idea behind the T20 cricket is that the games are much faster paced than traditional cricket. A traditional cricket game can go on for days, with each team having a number of innings. With T20 each team gets only one innings, with only 20 overs. Each side has a time limit as well of 80 minutes. If they have not finished their overs in the allotted time then they forfeit the remaining ones. There can also be no ties in T20 cricket, which makes placing a bet more exciting.

Betting Options

As with many large tournaments, the ICC World Twenty20 offers punters a large range of things to bet on. There are of course the obvious bets such as who will win a match or even the entire tournament, but there are also smaller bets. Smaller bets include things such as man of the match, who wins the toss, and even who will go out first.

Betting Rules

The rules of betting on the ICC World Twenty20 are quite strict and are the same as betting on a ODI. It is vitally important to read and understand the rules of placing a bets to avoid any wagers being voided by a bookie. Different sportsbooks may have different rules, so make sure that you are up to date with your chosen sportsbooks rules and regulations.

Cricket Wagering

How to Bet on the ICC World Twenty20

To place a bet on the ICC World Twenty20 you can either make use of more traditional methods such as a brick and mortar bookie, or you can use online sites like mentioned at There are many online sites which offer various betting options and odds for the ICC World Twenty20. Do a bit of research before committing to any one as you may wish to find the best odds and bonuses to suit you.

Strategy and Tips

It is always a good idea to have a look at the history of the tournament to get an idea on who the usual winners are and which team plays best against whom. For example historically the winners of the ICC World Twenty20 have been one of three teams; India, Pakistan and the West Indies. The West Indies excel at T20 as the game format suits their players in that it is fast paced and not drawn out.

Another good tip is to keep a close eye on the game. Wagers can be placed throughout the game and if you are watching it closely you can pick up things like dot balls, which usually signal that action of some sort is about to happen.

Finally don’t take tips from just anyone. Research the tipsters to see how accurate they have been in the past.