Super Safari Online Slot Described for Players

The online slot market is a chaotic beast that is constantly growing faster and faster. Vivid enough? Now imagine trying to tame said beast with nothing but a few reels and some paylines. This is ultimately the daunting task at hand for new and growing slot games as they face the online casino market and her masses of players. Many pale with their clichéd styles and themes and overplayed common features, but every so often an online slot game emerges with something that separates and distinguishes it from the rest of the group and here so enters super safari online slot. A full fantastical wildlife theme set up with perhaps every dreamed up online slot feature ever thought up.

More about Super Safari Slots

Basically what super safari slot does is give players a sturdy dose of great colour and extravagance whilst offering all the winning opportunities under the sun. But more on exactly what these winning features on offer here are is definitely needed. To begin with players will need to grow acquainted with the symbols of the game as each has the potential of not only winning varying amounts but most likely also activating bonus features of some kind.

Features on offer with super safari are, amongst others, three lions earning a trio of free spins, multiplier and a reel of wilds. Three jeeps just on the screen will initiate a freespins bonus and a different multiplier. This is the games scatter symbol so across paylines or not it will trigger when three or more symbols appear on the reels. The binoculars offer super spins and a 5 times multiplier on top of it. Three hippos begin a pick’ em bonus which enables players to then select one for a hidden prize which could earn players a 150 times bet win, or even 4 times that if scored during one of the binoculars’ super spins. The list goes on and on but part of the fun with these bonuses is discovering them oneself.

More about Super Safari Slots

The Powerhouse Behind the Game

While we’re off discovering which bonuses win the most with this slot let us not underestimate the sounds, visuals and general comforting feeling that super safari embodies so well. And then let’s remember the bonuses once more because frankly there are just so many ways of winning with super safari that to not seems like a crime.

This slot is also produced by leaders in the online casino gaming market and therefore has reliable support features as well as a thriving community with which to relate, share and compete. This means full support staff at hand to help players with problems, keep the online games running smoothly and otherwise thinking up more ways of adding bonuses. So all players will be able to dive right in and find their bearing along the way by questioning, asking and otherwise enjoying the online betting environment through super safari. So each and every player will find this game a truly absorbing adventure through the wild lands and fall in love with each one of these mesmerizing symbols.