Review of Online Video Poker Game Double Bonus

There are a lot of different variations of poker available online today, both in the form of live dealer table games as well as the video poker variety. The latter is where the focus of this piece is headed with this online video poker game from Amaya Games. The name of it is Double Bonus and it is effectively a jacks or better 5 card draw game of video poker that is played against the house and through the matching of formed hands to a designated pay table. In this way most online video poker games seem to have a little of two industries involved, both poker and slot gaming.

The setup of this particular Double Bonus online video poker game is fairly straightforward, with the betting options arranged beneath the reels in an orderly fashion. In this regard players can get the ball rolling so to speak pretty much immediately, while players’ familiar with the game of poker and the fundaments of the video poker variant will be able to jump right into the game from the start and figure out the finer mechanics as the cards flow. The graphics of this video poker game are pretty standard; then again, not many video poker games afford the extra effort given that the players’ primary focus remains on the gameplay regardless.

Video Poker and How to Play it

There are definitely a good number of poker varieties out there, with different and unique play styles, features and even potentially bonuses. Fundamentally though the game of poker, across all its platforms and variations, follows the same score keeping system. This is the famous poker hands that by now most players familiar with the game in any regard will be aware of. These form the fundaments of the game and are pivotal to being successful.

Once players have garnered a firm understanding of how the card hands in poker are formed then it is time to delve into the specifics of this particular Double Bonus video poker game. The game start off with players placing an initial ante bet, an option available through the single bet or max bet buttons below the game screen. Once this bet has been made the player is dealt 5 cards. In usual 5 card draw fashion players then have an opportunity to hold any number of these cards and exchange the remaining ones for new cards in order to complete better poker hands. These hands are then compared to the pay table and prizes are awarded.

Additional Features and Notes on Double Bonus

The title of this Amaya Games Double Bonus video poker game stems from its unique NZD casinos bonus feature attached. In this regard the cards players discard during the exchange phase can also reap additional rewards based on certain parameters. This makes the game that little bit more tactical, as it isn’t just about the cards the players keep in the game but also about the ones they throw out. Definitely makes for a rather straightforward but fun online video poker variation.