Review of George Stevens’ The Only Game In Town Movie

Over the past few centuries, casinos have become one of the world’s most popular forms of entertainment. They have been celebrated time and time again, something which is evident in the number of movies that feature and are set in them. One such movie is the hit movie from 1970, The Only Game in Town. Directed by George Stevens, the film starred two of Hollywood’s most famed actors, namely the ever-glamourous Elizabeth Taylor and heartthrob Warren Beatty. Interestingly enough, Frank Sinatra was originally cast as the male lead, but when filming was postponed, he had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict.

A Brief Synopsis

In The Only Game in Town, Elizabeth Taylor plays the role of Fran Walker, who found herself in an affair with Joe Grady, an avid sports betting NZ gambler, played by Warren Beatty. They ended up together after Fran had been waiting for over five years for her married lover to fulfil the promise he made of leaving his wife and marrying her instead. By the time Thomas Lockwood, the married man, has decided to actually leave his wife for Fran, it’s too late, as she has already fallen in love with Joe. Joe is then faced with a tough decision. He needs to decide whether he will marry Fran or follow his dream of moving to New York City and starting afresh there.

The Cost of the Film

The Only Game in Town was adapted to both stage and screen. Produced by 20th Century Fox, the production house paid $550 000 to secure the rights to the film before the theatre piece even opened on Broadway. Additionally, Frank D. Gilroy was paid $150 000 to write the script. As one of the biggest movie stars of her generation, Elizabeth Taylor had quite a bit of say in what happened with the movie and its filming.  As a result, it ended up costing a total of $11 million. The actress insisted that the movie be filmed in Paris so that she could be close to Richard Burton, who she was married to at the time.

Additional Movie Trivia

Frank D. Gilroy was one of the most respected scriptwriters of the time. He was said to be inspired by everything around him, which was evident in the fact that he wrote another script based on the chauffeur he met while The Only Game in Town was being filmed. This new film was called Once in Paris and was also directed by Gilroy. Released in 1978, Gilroy also cast his driver to play the movie’s lead character.

In 2007, The Only Game in Town was reworked. Titled Lucky You, this film starred Drew Barrymore, Eric Bana and Robert Duvall.

The Only Game in Town is perfect for those who love watching a good romance. Furthermore, it also has plenty of excitement to offer players, as it features several edge-of-your-seat gambling moments, which will of course, speak to the avid gamblers in all of us.