Masques of San Marco Slot Reviewed Online

Masques of San Marco is an online slot game created by the highly influential IGT. The game is a well known and highly acclaimed effort for a number of reasons, foremost for its incredibly striking visual design and graphics. The theme of the game is based around the parties that occur in Italy, famous for guests wearing elaborate masks throughout the occasion.

The game recreates these parties with symbol designs that capture the beauty of these masks, as well as having a dazzling background design that puts most other slot games to shame. Sadly, the sound design of the game does not match the splendour of its graphics, having only rudimentary sound effects and little to no music. The Masques of San Marco, however, remains one of the more stunning slot games of modern times. In terms of game play a cascading tile system is used, meaning that symbols fall from the top of the play area, as apposed to the traditional spinning symbols system. In the cascading system if symbols are matched, they disappear, allowing new symbols to fall in from the top. This means that multiple wins are possible with a single spin, adding excitement and strategy to the game play. Lets have a closer look at the symbols of the game.

Mask Symbol Designs

The most valuable symbol in the Masques of San Marco slot on the internet is the white mask, accompanied by a stylised letter M. The symbol may be matched a maximum of five times and minimum of three times, and will pay out a considerable amount in both cases. The second most valuable symbol is the red and yellow ladies mask, which is worth far less in terms of payout, but remains a beautiful symbol never the less.

These symbols are followed by the blue and green masks, both stunning to behold, but not so stunning in terms of payouts. The remaining symbols of the game are the sun, moon, and star, all dazzlingly detailed in design, but by far the least valuable symbols in the game. Note that the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace do not appear in this game, which is certainly another feather in the cap for the artists and developers, who chose not to take the easy route and fallback on those clichéd scapegoats, and instead made unique symbols designs of their own.

Masques of San Marco Slot Bonuses and Specials

Bonuses and Specials

Compared to many slots at, the Masques of San Marco slot does not have much in the way of bonuses or special features. The wild symbol stands as the only tile with unique properties, and even these are simple and predictable. The wild symbol, represented by the written word wild, may match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. This design choice is not going to be getting any awards for originality, but one should note that in a cascading tile system the effects of a wild symbol are twofold. Since when symbols are matched they disappear, the wild symbol may lead to a series of other winning combinations being created, which is certainly to the benefit of the player.