Blackjack Single Deck Guide for Online Casino Players

Blackjack is one of the classic games offered by all casinos, whether the traditional brick and mortar casinos, or the online casinos. Blackjack is well known as a game that does not rely purely on luck and chance, but can be extra rewarding to players who take the time to learn and practise the rules and strategies involved.

Blackjack rules at any casino are based on achieving a score of 21 without going over that score, while still having a higher score than the dealer. Hence the original name, 21. One of the reasons Blackjack is so popular is because the game provides players with some of the best odds available in the casino. Well known for this advantage, blackjack has become the favourite of seasoned gamblers and professional casino players alike.

Classic Blackjack Single Deck Play

Classic blackjack format is used in most online casinos, seldom allows players to choose between playing with a single deck of cards, or multiple decks. NetEnt have produced Blackjack single deck which offers players the best chance of winning. The main advantage is that Blackjack Single Deck gives you the lowest house edge, and puts you nearly on a level with the casino. In order to make the most of this, you also need to have a good understanding of the rules and regulations of blackjack.

The core strategy in blackjack single deck, or any form of blackjack, is to beat the dealer. Players are dealt a combination of cards that have a certain value attached. The values are based on the standard card values, with number cards being worth their numerical value, and all picture cards worth ten points. The Ace can be worth 1 or 10 points, depending on your hand. Suits have no bearing on the game.

Placing Bets in Blackjack Single Deck

How to Place Bets

Blackjack Single Deck is played using only one deck of fifty two cards, which is reshuffled after each hand.  You play one hand per round. Split Aces receive only one card, and no re-splitting of Aces is allowed. A split Ace and a ten-value card is not considered a blackjack. You click on a chip to place a bet, and additional clicks will add more value to the wager. To remove a bet, just click on the chip in the betting circle.

What Constitutes a Win

In any form of blackjack, including Blackjack Single Deck, you win the bet if you have a score of 21 or less, but still higher than the dealer’s total. You will also win if your score is 21 or less and the dealer’s score is over 21. An Ace and any card with a value of ten in the initial deal is called a Blackjack. An online blackjack will pay three to two, providing the dealer does not also have a Blackjack hand. If you and the dealer both have a Blackjack hand, this results in a tie. If your hand totals over 21, and the dealer has a better score, you will lose.

The main things to look out for in NetEnts’ Blackjack Single Deck, are the three to two payouts on a Blackjack hand itself, and the two to one payout on insurance bets. How that will affect your overall strategy is of course up to you, but having a solid knowledge of the basic strategies will ensure the best outcome.