A Look at Ice Hockey for Online Bettors

Ice hockey is a game that is loved by many, but also looked upon with much criticism by others. It is most widely known for the brutal and violent nature the game has taken on, with hardly a match going by that does not involve an extended fistfight of some kind. The fist fighting aspect of the game is more or less accepted in professional games, said to be used as a tactic by players to demoralise the opposing team. Purest fans, however, often say that the fighting is getting out of control. Interestingly, that the game has become so riddled with fights is one of the major drawing cards for spectators, who say that the fighting is an enjoyable and entertaining part of the game.

Ice hockey is centralised in the northern United States, with the majority of teams found in this area. In Canada the sport is most popular, with more dedicated ice hockey fans in the Canadian borders than anywhere else in the world. Some even make good natured remarks say that Canadians and Canada as a whole is ice hockey fanatical, which most Canadians would likely not disagree with. Some professional ice hockey teams can also be found in Europe and Russia.

Ice Hockey Rules

At its core ice hockey is based around two teams of seven, six players and one goalkeeper. Using hockey sticks the players manipulate a puck into the goals of the apposing team. Ice hockey is played in an ice rink, which has a specialised and carefully cultivated surface of ice, as well as a tall defensive outer barrier. The players in ice hockey are notable for wearing very specific layers safety gear, which aim to minimise injuries in this highly dangerous and aggressive game. In comparison to other sports, ice hockey is said to be one of the most treacherous.

The already mentioned fights that often break out in professional ice hockey are, according to the rules, prohibited. They are allowed to play out regardless, and officials even circle the fight and avoid more than two players getting involved. In amateur ice hockey fighting is much more harshly dealt with, and fighting players are swiftly broken up and sent off the rink for a mandatory ten minute period. It should be noted that players very rarely get injured during fights due to the layers of protective gear, and the general result of any fight is that one player quits due to fatigue unlike those seen when placing NRL bets.

Ice Hockey Betting

Ice Hockey Betting

As is expected, betting on ice hockey matches is most popular in the northern Untied States and Canada. Canadian bookmakers, in fact, see the majority of their income from ice hockey betting alone. Betting options for ice hockey games are also possible through out the world.

Many online bookmakers also provide live streams of ice hockey games, so that international fans may watch the games live and make bets. As with most sports, ice hockey has fixed odds betting options for participating teams, with some matches being imposed with handicaps, depending on the teams playing.